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Modern Digital Billboard Advertising for Local AL & TN Markets

Create a high-reaching, flexible, cost-efficient advertising campaign with the help of New South Outdoor.


Digital Billboard Displays for Sale in AL & TN

The beauty of digital advertising is the technological advancements of the medium. Unlike printed bulletins and posters, which require production and installation, digital billboards can run multiple messages for an advertiser and be changed out nearly instantly. And even though advertisers share the space, digital displays are proving to work better than static displays because of their dynamic, eye-catching nature!

Digital also allows for a variety of unique, engaging content: advertisers can create designs that run during specific parts of the day to reach your various target audiences. Run countdowns to create excitement for an event! Engage your audience with RSS feeds from social media sites. The possibilities for content are endless!

Billboard Dayparting Options

New South Outdoor offers dayparting to maximize your ability to reach your target audience. Dayparting allows you to schedule your outdoor advertisements to appear at a selected time of the day or on certain days of the week. Make the most of your advertising investment with real-time ad scheduling—contact our team to find out what dayparting options are available to you.

Best Steaks in Town Billboard in Santa Fe

Why Choose Digital Out-of-Home?

High Reach

Our outdoor displays are located on some of the busiest streets and highways in the market. New South Outdoor digital displays reach commuters where they live, work, and play. Always on. Always working.


With the ability to change your ad immediately, digital displays keep your creative content current and allow you to target your customers with the most time-relevant messages possible.


With digital billboards, CPM (or “Cost Per One Thousand Impressions”) are significantly lower than other advertising formats. Out-of-Home Advertisement CPMs tend to be within the range of $9-$32, depending on the market you’re trying to reach.

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New South Outdoor makes digital advertising easy!

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Outdoor Digital Billboard Advertising vs Traditional Billboards

Traditional billboards, which New South Outdoor also offer, are cheaper than digital but less effective. Studies show that travelers have a higher brand recall with digital billboard messaging than traditional, or static, billboards. So while traditional billboard costs are cheaper, digital billboards are highly visible and more effective. It’s that reason why many advertisers are turning towards digital signs and LED billboards today.

Using Both Traditional & Digital Billboards

Both traditional and digital billboards have their own benefits. Static billboards remain cheaper than digital displays and a traditional billboard is permanent, providing an endless amount of drivers that will see your advertisement.

However, a digital billboard allows drivers to better retain the information they see. Both can be effective when used independently, but together you’ll be able to receive both of their benefits and maximize your marketing potential. New South Outdoor can help you decide on the best billboard advertising strategy and set you up with effective billboards to carry out your marketing plan.

Best Steaks in Town Billboard in Santa Fe

Digital Displays Made Easy in Alabama & Tennessee

For expertise in Digital Billboards and Out-of-Home advertising, come to New South Outdoor! We know what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t. Contact New South Outdoor today to find out how outdoor advertising can work for your business.

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