The Right Message.
The Right Time.

New South Outdoor is a growing outdoor advertising company with displays covering North Alabama. We have been working in the out-of-home advertising industry for almost two decades now and we know how to create great advertising campaigns that will help get customers to your door. We’ve learned what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t.

Our main goal is to make sure that your advertising investment shows returns for your business. Contact New South Outdoor to discuss an advertising program that fits your needs.

Why Digital?

High Reach

Our outdoor displays are located on some of the busiest streets and highways in Alabama. Because people are constantly on the move, we are able to spread your message by reaching a high number of your potential customers.


Our customers have the creative freedom to change their ad as often as desired without any additional cost. Advertisers have the ability to react to what works and change what doesn’t while eliminating time and printing costs.


With the ability to change your ad immediately, digital displays keep your creative current and allow you to target your customers with the most time-relevant message possible.


Drive desired business outcomes by reaching your target market with a timely message at the right price.

Billboard Locations

Reach Your Target Audience 24/7

Reach your Target Audience 24/7 Text Content: Our billboards are illuminated day and night to capture consumers who are going, doing and spending.