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Level Up Your Advertising and Level the Playing Field

Register for your chance to put your business on blast with the New South Outdoor Mom-and-Pop Business Owners Day Ad Give-Away

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Shine the Spotlight On Your Mom-and-Pop

Running your business isn’t easy. You’re wearing several hats. You’re on-call at all hours. It’s tough. But it’s yours. And chances are, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

In support of mom-and-pop businesses, we’re giving away free advertising services. That’s the ad design and creation, printing and posting of the vinyl, and space on a New South Outdoor billboard.

A mom-and-pop business is:

A small, privately owned business. If your family is still involved, you get bonus points. Big-box stores and national retailers, need not apply.

Your deadline for submissions: March 29th.

Your ad design must be approved and submitted by: April 12th.

If chosen, your ad will run: April 15th to May 15th.

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