Your advertising can (and should) keep up with your business’ promotions. If your promotions change by day (or even by the hour), it’s easy for us to help keep your ads fresh and timely. At New South Outdoor, our biggest priority is bringing customers to your business. That’s why we offer dayparting at no charge.

So what is dayparting?
Whether you’re a restaurant featuring a new lunch special for each day of the week or advertising a Happy Hour special, dayparting allows for automated advertisement shifts, meaning the ad changes based on the day or time of day.

Dayparting is ideal for restaurants, but has many uses for other businesses as well:
• Car dealerships can schedule certain ads to run during weekends
• Real estate offices can advertise Sunday open houses
• Clothing stores can promote a “deal of the day”
• Radio stations can promote their morning shows before noon and evening shows later in the day

Simply tell us the times you’d like these ads to run and enjoy several rotating designs for the price of one. It’s the easiest way to customize outdoor boards to fit YOUR business!

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