“We don’t need to advertise on billboards. We’re running Facebook ads! Plus, no one responds to billboards.”

We hear it all the time. We sigh, we take a deep breath, and we begin our explanation.

Billboards aren’t dead! They can be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. They can reinforce Facebook ads. They can drive traffic to your website. They can even solicit an immediate response from those who see them.

Gone are the days when your marketing plan included a year-long contract on an interstate billboard, just hoping for the best. Today’s billboards are smart. They’re customizable. They can even change depending on the time of day or weather. In short, billboards don’t work AGAINST your other marketing efforts – they reinforce them.

Imagine a couple driving down the road. While stopped at a traffic light, the passenger sees a digital board advertising the new “IT” restaurant in town, with an appetizer happy hour that’s about to begin. She has seen their ads on Facebook, and knows they have a killer menu. Because dinner is near, the passenger pulls up the website on her smartphone, makes an online reservation for two, and dinner is confirmed.

After the meal, the couple drives past the same board. It’s Thursday evening, and the weekend is coming. The restaurant has just introduced a new brunch menu they’re advertising on the board via the social media integration feature. The couple enjoyed their dinner so much, they decide to tag some friends on the restaurant’s Instagram account and make plans for Saturday morning brunch.

It’s much less likely that the scenario above would have happened without the digital board serving as a visual trigger, reinforcing something someone had seen through another marketing channel. Because digital boards are customizable based on time of day, the couple was able to receive two messages that were highly specified to what the couple was thinking about when they saw the board. First, dinner; then, weekend plans.

If you’re not utilizing digital boards as part of your marketing strategy, don’t you think it’s time to give them a try? We’ll work with you to develop the ideal frequency, artwork and message. Call us today!

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