Why have a billboard in huntsville or decaturHuntsville is officially Alabama’s boomtown, and here are some statistics to prove it:

– Among the 125 most populous areas of the country, U.S. News & World Report named Huntsville
1) The Best Place to Live in Alabama
2) The Best Place to Live in the Deep South
3) The 11th Best Place to Live Anywhere in the Country
– According to Census data, Huntsville is now the second-largest city in Alabama and is on pace to become the largest.
– Over $4.1 billion of economic development in the area has been announced in the last year alone by industry giants like Google, Facebook, Mazda/Toyota, GE Aviation, Aerojet Rocketdyne, and more.
– Redstone Arsenal continues its expansion by adding 1,350 FBI positions.
– Only a few days prior to the date of this posting, Huntsville’s Marshall Space Flight Center was named by NASA to headquarter the Human Landing System Program for our next trip to the Moon in 2024.

Amazing, right? With low housing costs coupled with a surging job market and high salaries, it’s no wonder people are flocking to the Rocket City and surrounding areas like Decatur. In an environment experiencing this type of growth, you might expect your business to ride the coat tails, but beware the challenges your business may face to keep up. After all, the likelihood of a competitor opening in town is high, so now is a great time to consider promoting and reinforcing your brand with a billboard from New South Outdoor.

New South Outdoor offers a bright, eye-catching presentation of your business’s brand, products and services. It commands the attention of your target audience in some of the most high-traffic, high-visibility locations in town. Billboards are a proven method to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to businesses. Stand above the growing crowd in a big way – literally!

How much does a billboard cost?

New South Outdoor billboards are as unique as their clients, so billboard pricing depends on many factors. These include availability, location and whether they are static or digital. Design is always free, and digital billboards can feature many ads for the same client for one price. This variability and opportunity creates a platform that can meet almost any advertising budget.

What is your return on investment?

In a recent blog, we compared the cost of billboard ads to various other promotional media. Here, we point to research showing billboards are able to provide a much higher return on investment than other options, including newspaper, magazine and radio ads, to the tune of every dollar spent on outdoor advertising generating a $5.97 ROI. That makes outdoor advertising 40% more cost-effective than digital search, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

Billboards in Alabama are a proven way to reach potential customers with the lowest cost-per-view marketing available.

Where are the billboard locations?

New South Outdoor has strategically placed digital and static billboards along main thoroughfares in Huntsville and Decatur.

• In Huntsville, you’ll find digital and static billboards on University Drive NW and Enterprise Way. Both are adjacent to large shopping areas and corporate parks with heavy traffic, yielding millions of impressions for your advertisements.
• We offer a digital billboard in Decatur along Hwy 31 – the main entrance to Decatur from the south, which also provides a remarkable number of impressions.

How can you get started?

Getting your billboard campaign off the ground is easy! Check us out online and get in touch. The best ways to contact New South Outdoor are emailing us at [email protected] or simply calling (334) 625-0345.

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