Digital Billboards

The beauty of digital advertising is the technological advancements of the medium. Unlike printed bulletins and posters, which require production and installation, digital billboards can run multiple messages for each advertiser, and be changed out nearly instantly. Digital also allows for a variety of unique dynamic content.

Create designs that run during specific parts of the day to reach various target audiences. Run countdowns to create excitement for an event. Engage your audience with RSS feeds from social media sites. The possibilities for content are endless.

Static Billboards

Static bulletins are large advertising signs that are located primarily on major highways and roadways. Statics very in size depending on market location. Static bulletins offer your business a large advertising format with maximum visibility and impact. This helps to build strong brand awareness, and delivers high reach and frequency over time.

Putting your message in a single fixed location targets audiences traveling in a specific direction who live in a geographic are. You should ask us about extensions!

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