sports scores on billboardsRemember riding through town with your parents as a kid, and the bank would have a lighted digital display under its sign giving you the current time and temperature? It was a simple and effective way to attract the attention of passersby with new and constantly changing information.

Today’s digital billboards go way beyond a digital display of numbers, utilizing full-color graphics to communicate information and live updates that can be changed automatically. These live updates not only generate interest among viewers, but train them to look at your ad for new and valuable information.

Draw attention to your ads with dynamic content:

• Sporting events: countdown to start times and game scores
• Weather updates: severe weather watches and warnings
• Climate conditions: water levels on the lake, tide conditions in the Gulf
• Traffic conditions: delays or road construction
• Wait time: perfect for emergency rooms or DMVs
• Twitter feeds
• And yes, even the current time and temperature

Train your audience to look for and remember your ad by offering timely, relevant content. Contact New South Outdoor today and let us help you plan an effective digital strategy using live updates.

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