We live in a digital world, and we are always on the move. These two factors are essential in forming a marketing strategy that makes an impact. Consumers spend an average of 70% of waking hours away from home and are constantly exposed to billboards. And because real life has no skipping or ad-blocking, a billboard can be a powerful addition to your overall marketing.

A recent USA TouchPoints study found that consumers spend 19.6 hours a week with Out Of Home advertising, second only to TV. The study also found that OOH ads, such as billboards, outperform traditional media in reaching consumers in the same half-hour they consider, decide on, and make purchases.

OOH advertising is such an important part of the marketing mix that four of the 10 largest spenders on billboards today are tech firms (Apple, Google, Amazon, and Netflix).

The success of outdoor advertising doesn’t mean you need to throw out your existing strategy, especially if you’ve seen results. Billboards make a perfect supplement to your television or radio ads. They can reinforce a message viewers see on TV or hear on radio as they are away from home, traveling to and from work or school, going about their daily lives. Studies have shown that when billboards are added to other traditional media plans, total reach can be potentially increased up to 300%.

And because we live in a digital, mobile world, billboards have proven to be an effective way to drive traffic to your website and/or social media, reinforcing your promotions or campaigns. Research shows that physical billboards and phones work extremely well together. Mobile click-through rates increase 15 percent when supported by OOH ads, according to ad consultancy WARC, and 46 percent of U.S. consumers used a search engine after seeing an OOH ad.

If you’d like to brainstorm ideas for adding a billboard to your marketing strategy, we’re here to help! Whether that means we design an ad that resembles your current materials, help you distribute your budget in a way that will move the needle or even start from scratch with a campaign, no task is too large.

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