One thing that I have seen since digital billboards have been available is that some advertisers have not used them to their full potential by running different ads in their slot. They didn’t get the return on investment that they could have. They used digital outdoor in the same manner as they would with a static board, running only branding or directional messages.

While a digital billboard can certainly function that way, it is a bit like buying a Swiss army knife and only using the knife. There are other tools included that could be utilized. Instead of only branding, why not use it for price points, events, and promotions. Dayparting, dynamic content and conditional (trigger) content are the tools that are available to help advertisers display the right message at the right time.

I don’t think that it is solely the advertiser’s fault. As billboard operators, it is up to us to properly educate and help our clients use the medium and all the great functionality these signs have. At New South Outdoor, we love helping our clients use the right tools to get a better return on their advertising dollar.



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