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Why should you have a billboard in Huntsville and Decatur?

Why have a billboard in huntsville or decatur

Why have a billboard in huntsville or decaturHuntsville is officially Alabama’s boomtown, and here are some statistics to prove it:

– Among the 125 most populous areas of the country, U.S. News & World Report named Huntsville
1) The Best Place to Live in Alabama
2) The Best Place to Live in the Deep South
3) The 11th Best Place to Live Anywhere in the Country
– According to Census data, Huntsville is now the second-largest city in Alabama and is on pace to become the largest.
– Over $4.1 billion of economic development in the area has been announced in the last year alone by industry giants like Google, Facebook, Mazda/Toyota, GE Aviation, Aerojet Rocketdyne, and more.
– Redstone Arsenal continues its expansion by adding 1,350 FBI positions.
– Only a few days prior to the date of this posting, Huntsville’s Marshall Space Flight Center was named by NASA to headquarter the Human Landing System Program for our next trip to the Moon in 2024.

Amazing, right? With low housing costs coupled with a surging job market and high salaries, it’s no wonder people are flocking to the Rocket City and surrounding areas like Decatur. In an environment experiencing this type of growth, you might expect your business to ride the coat tails, but beware the challenges your business may face to keep up. After all, the likelihood of a competitor opening in town is high, so now is a great time to consider promoting and reinforcing your brand with a billboard from New South Outdoor.

New South Outdoor offers a bright, eye-catching presentation of your business’s brand, products and services. It commands the attention of your target audience in some of the most high-traffic, high-visibility locations in town. Billboards are a proven method to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to businesses. Stand above the growing crowd in a big way – literally!

How much does a billboard cost?

New South Outdoor billboards are as unique as their clients, so billboard pricing depends on many factors. These include availability, location and whether they are static or digital. Design is always free, and digital billboards can feature many ads for the same client for one price. This variability and opportunity creates a platform that can meet almost any advertising budget.

What is your return on investment?

In a recent blog, we compared the cost of billboard ads to various other promotional media. Here, we point to research showing billboards are able to provide a much higher return on investment than other options, including newspaper, magazine and radio ads, to the tune of every dollar spent on outdoor advertising generating a $5.97 ROI. That makes outdoor advertising 40% more cost-effective than digital search, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

Billboards in Alabama are a proven way to reach potential customers with the lowest cost-per-view marketing available.

Where are the billboard locations?

New South Outdoor has strategically placed digital and static billboards along main thoroughfares in Huntsville and Decatur.

• In Huntsville, you’ll find digital and static billboards on University Drive NW and Enterprise Way. Both are adjacent to large shopping areas and corporate parks with heavy traffic, yielding millions of impressions for your advertisements.
• We offer a digital billboard in Decatur along Hwy 31 – the main entrance to Decatur from the south, which also provides a remarkable number of impressions.

How can you get started?

Getting your billboard campaign off the ground is easy! Check us out online and get in touch. The best ways to contact New South Outdoor are emailing us at [email protected] or simply calling (334) 625-0345.

Capture More Eyes with Live Updates

sports scores on billboards

sports scores on billboardsRemember riding through town with your parents as a kid, and the bank would have a lighted digital display under its sign giving you the current time and temperature? It was a simple and effective way to attract the attention of passersby with new and constantly changing information.

Today’s digital billboards go way beyond a digital display of numbers, utilizing full-color graphics to communicate information and live updates that can be changed automatically. These live updates not only generate interest among viewers, but train them to look at your ad for new and valuable information.

Draw attention to your ads with dynamic content:

• Sporting events: countdown to start times and game scores
• Weather updates: severe weather watches and warnings
• Climate conditions: water levels on the lake, tide conditions in the Gulf
• Traffic conditions: delays or road construction
• Wait time: perfect for emergency rooms or DMVs
• Twitter feeds
• And yes, even the current time and temperature

Train your audience to look for and remember your ad by offering timely, relevant content. Contact New South Outdoor today and let us help you plan an effective digital strategy using live updates.

How Billboards Add to Marketing Strategy

We live in a digital world, and we are always on the move. These two factors are essential in forming a marketing strategy that makes an impact. Consumers spend an average of 70% of waking hours away from home and are constantly exposed to billboards. And because real life has no skipping or ad-blocking, a billboard can be a powerful addition to your overall marketing.

A recent USA TouchPoints study found that consumers spend 19.6 hours a week with Out Of Home advertising, second only to TV. The study also found that OOH ads, such as billboards, outperform traditional media in reaching consumers in the same half-hour they consider, decide on, and make purchases.

OOH advertising is such an important part of the marketing mix that four of the 10 largest spenders on billboards today are tech firms (Apple, Google, Amazon, and Netflix).

The success of outdoor advertising doesn’t mean you need to throw out your existing strategy, especially if you’ve seen results. Billboards make a perfect supplement to your television or radio ads. They can reinforce a message viewers see on TV or hear on radio as they are away from home, traveling to and from work or school, going about their daily lives. Studies have shown that when billboards are added to other traditional media plans, total reach can be potentially increased up to 300%.

And because we live in a digital, mobile world, billboards have proven to be an effective way to drive traffic to your website and/or social media, reinforcing your promotions or campaigns. Research shows that physical billboards and phones work extremely well together. Mobile click-through rates increase 15 percent when supported by OOH ads, according to ad consultancy WARC, and 46 percent of U.S. consumers used a search engine after seeing an OOH ad.

If you’d like to brainstorm ideas for adding a billboard to your marketing strategy, we’re here to help! Whether that means we design an ad that resembles your current materials, help you distribute your budget in a way that will move the needle or even start from scratch with a campaign, no task is too large.

Counting Down to Drive Business Up

“10…9…8…7…” and the excitement builds. Numbers grab attention. A countdown to a big event is the perfect way to engage your audience and build interest in your business.

One way to draw eyes with a countdown is to lead up to a highly anticipated annual event. Point Mallard in Decatur, Ala., recently completed a countdown campaign advertising their seasonal opening of their waterpark. Utilizing dayparting, they created a series of ads that counted down to the big day. This excited the community and contributed to a fantastic (and populous) start to the season.

Another example of great success in countdowns: Minor League Baseball’s Montgomery Biscuits utilized live countdowns to promote the opening day of the new baseball season. It served as a constant reminder of community fun and created urgency in purchasing tickets.

Combining dayparting and countdowns enable your business to schedule automated shifts in outdoor ads based on the day or at time of day. Simply tell us how you’d like your countdown to run and enjoy several rotating designs for the price of one. It’s the simplest way to customize outdoor boards to fit YOUR business!

Contact us today to explore how a countdown with dayparting could benefit your business.

Billboard Ads VS Web Ads – How Do Billboards Stand Up?

With many advertising opportunities available to business owners, it can be hard to know how to best allocate marketing dollars. To help entrepreneurs facing this dilemma, we’re comparing web ads and outdoor advertising according to the categories we know to be most important: cost, ROI and audience reception.

Some digital advertising platforms have the benefit of a “choose your own price” feature, but it doesn’t act exactly as most business owners would expect. While putting a few dollars behind Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising can seem like a cost-effective way to spend your marketing budget, choosing your own price doesn’t mean saving. Lower budgets mean drastically less visibility and fewer unique views. In contrast, outdoor advertising has the lowest cost per view of any advertising medium available, including radio, broadcast, cable, newspapers and magazines.

Return on Investment (ROI)
Every dollar spent on outdoor advertising generates a $5.97 ROI. That makes outdoor advertising 40 percent more cost-effective than digital search, according to research by the OAAA. When compared to other mediums, like magazine and television advertising, this gap in ROI only increases. This can be attributed to reaching customers when they’re likely to act. For example, if your restaurant ad appears on a user’s phone screen while they’re on the hunt for natural cleaning advice, that ad is likely to be ignored. However, with 72 percent of billboard viewers frequently or sometimes shopping on their way home from work, billboard ads are reaching customers as they consider shopping decisions.

Audience Reception
Beyond reaching your customers, it’s vital that your advertising engages them. Whether that means the customer immediately visiting your store, visiting you online or buying a product, it all starts with a good first impression. A good way to think about digital vs outdoor advertising is to think of the skip button that accompanies ads on Facebook, Youtube or mobile apps. Of course, it’s impossible for your ad to resonate with 100 percent of your audience (“because even if you’re the sweetest peach…”), but it also shouldn’t irritate your viewers. If your audience sits with their finger hovering over the skip button, you’re paying for your message to reach blind (and annoyed) eyes. Outdoor advertising doesn’t have a skip button, because it doesn’t need one. If you don’t like the ad, look away. If you do, join the 24 percent of people who have immediately visited a business because of an outdoor ad message.

While outdoor advertising and digital media can work hand-in-hand to deliver a message to consumers, in a side-by-side comparison, outdoor advertising proves to be a more effective way to market. If you’re interesting in adding outdoor advertising to your marketing strategy, get in touch with us at New South Outdoor today.

Dayparting – Define and Refine Your Message for Free

Your advertising can (and should) keep up with your business’ promotions. If your promotions change by day (or even by the hour), it’s easy for us to help keep your ads fresh and timely. At New South Outdoor, our biggest priority is bringing customers to your business. That’s why we offer dayparting at no charge.

So what is dayparting?
Whether you’re a restaurant featuring a new lunch special for each day of the week or advertising a Happy Hour special, dayparting allows for automated advertisement shifts, meaning the ad changes based on the day or time of day.

Dayparting is ideal for restaurants, but has many uses for other businesses as well:
• Car dealerships can schedule certain ads to run during weekends
• Real estate offices can advertise Sunday open houses
• Clothing stores can promote a “deal of the day”
• Radio stations can promote their morning shows before noon and evening shows later in the day

Simply tell us the times you’d like these ads to run and enjoy several rotating designs for the price of one. It’s the easiest way to customize outdoor boards to fit YOUR business!

Billboards are Dead, Aren’t they?

Billboard Marketing

“We don’t need to advertise on billboards. We’re running Facebook ads! Plus, no one responds to billboards.”

We hear it all the time. We sigh, we take a deep breath, and we begin our explanation.

Billboards aren’t dead! They can be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. They can reinforce Facebook ads. They can drive traffic to your website. They can even solicit an immediate response from those who see them.

Gone are the days when your marketing plan included a year-long contract on an interstate billboard, just hoping for the best. Today’s billboards are smart. They’re customizable. They can even change depending on the time of day or weather. In short, billboards don’t work AGAINST your other marketing efforts – they reinforce them.

Imagine a couple driving down the road. While stopped at a traffic light, the passenger sees a digital board advertising the new “IT” restaurant in town, with an appetizer happy hour that’s about to begin. She has seen their ads on Facebook, and knows they have a killer menu. Because dinner is near, the passenger pulls up the website on her smartphone, makes an online reservation for two, and dinner is confirmed.

After the meal, the couple drives past the same board. It’s Thursday evening, and the weekend is coming. The restaurant has just introduced a new brunch menu they’re advertising on the board via the social media integration feature. The couple enjoyed their dinner so much, they decide to tag some friends on the restaurant’s Instagram account and make plans for Saturday morning brunch.

It’s much less likely that the scenario above would have happened without the digital board serving as a visual trigger, reinforcing something someone had seen through another marketing channel. Because digital boards are customizable based on time of day, the couple was able to receive two messages that were highly specified to what the couple was thinking about when they saw the board. First, dinner; then, weekend plans.

If you’re not utilizing digital boards as part of your marketing strategy, don’t you think it’s time to give them a try? We’ll work with you to develop the ideal frequency, artwork and message. Call us today!

Digital Billboard Functionality Is Your Friend

Auburn Tiger Tail Billboard

One thing that I have seen since digital billboards have been available is that some advertisers have not used them to their full potential by running different ads in their slot. They didn’t get the return on investment that they could have. They used digital outdoor in the same manner as they would with a static board, running only branding or directional messages.

While a digital billboard can certainly function that way, it is a bit like buying a Swiss army knife and only using the knife. There are other tools included that could be utilized. Instead of only branding, why not use it for price points, events, and promotions. Dayparting, dynamic content and conditional (trigger) content are the tools that are available to help advertisers display the right message at the right time.

I don’t think that it is solely the advertiser’s fault. As billboard operators, it is up to us to properly educate and help our clients use the medium and all the great functionality these signs have. At New South Outdoor, we love helping our clients use the right tools to get a better return on their advertising dollar.



Don’t Like Sharing Digital Billboard Space?

opelika road billboard

I Don’t Wanna Share!

Often times we have been out pitching digital outdoor and we hear this objection.  Advertisers sometimes say they don’t want to advertise on a digital billboard because they are not displayed 24/7 as they would with traditional static displays.  They also may say that rates should be less than on a static board.

There is much more benefit to digital than many folks recognize. Here is what we usually try to explain:

First and foremost, we explain that the two mediums are not really even comparable.  Yes both are delivering ads outside the home and reach the traveling public, but they are definitely not a true apples to apples comparison.  While it is true that digitals do divide the advertiser’s display time, they give the advertiser the ability to be timely.  Digital boards have the capacity to deliver the RIGHT ad at the RIGHT time. Wouldn’t you say it is more valuable to advertise what you have going on when you have it going on in your business?

Secondly, digital boards are far more captivating.  They command attention.  Would you rather have a static message that blends in with the landscape over time or a digital message that draws the eye and holds the attention of the audience?  Which is worth more?  Isn’t effective advertising about cutting through the clutter and engaging the viewer?

Lastly, by reducing the need for vinyl copy changes, the advertisers can afford to run specials and promotions on a daily or weekly basis.  How much would that have cost for production if you wanted to use a static board to run the same messages?

Give us a call sometime to discuss how we can use our digital boards to cut through the clutter, command attention and let your potential customers know what you have going on.