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Don’t Like Sharing Digital Billboard Space?

opelika road billboard

I Don’t Wanna Share!

Often times we have been out pitching digital outdoor and we hear this objection.  Advertisers sometimes say they don’t want to advertise on a digital billboard because they are not displayed 24/7 as they would with traditional static displays.  They also may say that rates should be less than on a static board.

There is much more benefit to digital than many folks recognize. Here is what we usually try to explain:

First and foremost, we explain that the two mediums are not really even comparable.  Yes both are delivering ads outside the home and reach the traveling public, but they are definitely not a true apples to apples comparison.  While it is true that digitals do divide the advertiser’s display time, they give the advertiser the ability to be timely.  Digital boards have the capacity to deliver the RIGHT ad at the RIGHT time. Wouldn’t you say it is more valuable to advertise what you have going on when you have it going on in your business?

Secondly, digital boards are far more captivating.  They command attention.  Would you rather have a static message that blends in with the landscape over time or a digital message that draws the eye and holds the attention of the audience?  Which is worth more?  Isn’t effective advertising about cutting through the clutter and engaging the viewer?

Lastly, by reducing the need for vinyl copy changes, the advertisers can afford to run specials and promotions on a daily or weekly basis.  How much would that have cost for production if you wanted to use a static board to run the same messages?

Give us a call sometime to discuss how we can use our digital boards to cut through the clutter, command attention and let your potential customers know what you have going on.