So Many Reasons to Advertise
with New South Outdoor

Why Choose New South?

Reaching your target audience

New South Outdoor focuses on high profile and high traffic locations in the market to increase success for your outdoor advertising campaigns. Our bright, eye-catching displays command the attention of your target audience, increasing the likelihood of greater brand awareness and more business. Billboards in Alabama are a proven way to reach potential customers with the lowest cost-per-view marketing available.

Building your business

New South Outdoor’s digital billboards in Alabama demand attention and and we’ve got the studies to prove it.  According to a recent Nielsen study, 3 out of 4 respondents recalled seeing a digital billboard in the past month and 60 percent noticed one in the past week. In addition, more than half (55 percent) of travelers who noticed a digital billboard in the past month were highly engaged, recalling the message on the screen every time.

Offering Professional Services

New South Outdoor offers professional art services as a value-add, thus giving you the ability to change your ad anytime and keep your current promotions up-to-date. Our first priority is helping you generate a return from your advertising investment. We’re not just selling you a sign; this is an investment to grow your company. We genuinely care about the benefits you see from our services, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure you gain customers and increase revenue.

Neil Bell


• Over 20 years of experience in Outdoor Advertising
• Owned and operated hundreds of billboard faces
• Happily married to his wife Amber with one daughter, Eliza.
• Loves seeing customers benefit from success with their outdoor campaigns.

Contact Neil – [email protected]

Tracey Hess

Sales Administrator

• Loves working with customers to make using our boards easy and fun.
• Is the organization behind the Organization.
• Married to best friend Chad and exhausted daily by her twin boys, Tanner and Peyton

Contact Tracey – [email protected]

Adrian Buice

Senior Account Executive

  • More than a decade of experience in Outdoor Advertising
  • Excels at developing effective marketing ideas
  • Works very hard to ensure his customers advertising success
  • Happily married to his wife Dakota. Has two small daughters.

Contact Adrian – [email protected]

Robbie Burdine

Account Executive

  • 3 years of experience in Outdoor Advertising
  • Loves interacting with clients, while building relationships, and enhancing the growth of their businesses.
  • Works to find the right advertising fit for each business
  • Hometown is Florence, Al

Contact Robbie – [email protected]